May 2012


Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School is one of two primary schools (P-6) situated within Holy Trinity Parish, Queenscliff. The school is sited in John Dory Drive, Ocean Grove on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Our families enjoy a beachside lifestyle. Sea breezes, a walk on the beach or a dip in the ocean are often the rewards for a hard day’s work.

Vision Statement

Inspired by Mary and guided by our faith in her Son, Jesus, we aspire to be a respectful, nurturing and engaging learning community. (August 2011)

Scripture Reference:

 “I have come so that you may have life and have it to the full.”
John 10:10

From the Principal

As Principal of Our Lady Star of the Sea School I am committed to the Vision of the school which aspires to be a respectful, nurturing and engaging learning community. Whilst the core business of school life is learning and teaching, developing healthy relationships and connectedness is paramount.

Parents are invited to be active supporters to their child and their learning. Teachers are expected to work together to compliment and challenge each other thus providing the best for the students whilst being passionate, engaging teachers who value learning and teaching. Students are encouraged to be high achieving students, responsible for their own learning, whilst being motivated, engaged and challenged.

In promoting the school as being a quality Catholic School and championing the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the qualities of his mother Mary I will encourage all members of the learning community to act as Christians to make the world a better place.

                                                                                                                                                               Rhonda J Boyd

From the Parish Priest

Our Lady Star of the Sea School has the delightful motto of “Setting the Right Course”. Taking the image of the star as a means of Navigation, the school looks to Mary and more importantly to her Son Jesus Christ for inspiration. The traditions of the Catholic Church round off the school’s atmosphere in which the children’s personal self-worth, spiritual and academic development prepares them to respond in wisdom and maturity to the pressures of modern society.

                                                                                                                                             Father Michael Richardson

Democratic Principles

The programs of learning and teaching at Our Lady Star of the Sea School support and promote the principles and practice of Australian Democracy, including a commitment to:

  • the elected Government
  • the rule of law
  • equal rights for all before the law
  • freedom of religion
  • freedom of speech and association
  • the values of openness and tolerance.

Our Lady Star of the Sea School displays posters of democratic values. The flying of the Australian flag is a regular observance in our school at assemblies and important events. Through the integrated inquiry units of work the students undertake studies in Civics and Citizenship.

13-29 John Dory Drive, Ocean Grove, 3226 Victoria Tel: 5255 4308 Fax: 5256 2611 Send us an e-mail