Student Wellbeing gives depth to our Pastoral Care Policy and is implemented through all aspects of the curriculum. The Deputy Principal has responsibility for leading the Student Wellbeing sphere and supports the process to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment in collaboration with all members of our school community.

At Our Lady Star of the Sea teachers recognise the importance of a unified and consistent approach to the management of student’s behaviour through Restorative Practices. Teachers believe the whole school community is responsible for an effective policy, therefore communication and support between staff, children and parents is essential.

Three general principles to make our school a safe and happy place are:

1. Respect for ourselves and for each other.
2. Respect for property.
3. Safety.

Our rationale is based on the teachings of Jesus… “Love one another as I have loved you”. Everyone is important in our school and so we behave in a way that shows respect and care for others and ourselves.

Character strengths are our tool to help follow our values. Some values are also character strengths, for example Gratitude. The 3 master strengths are Love, Self-regulation, Gratitude.

Creativity Love
Hope Modesty and Humility
Curiosity Fairness
Humour Prudence
Enthusiasm (zest) Persistence
Open-mindedness Self-regulation (self control)
Honesty Teamwork
Love of Learning Appreciation of Beauty
Bravery Forgiveness
Perspective and Wisdom Spirituality
Kindness Gratitude
Social Intelligence Leadership

Restorative Practices

Our Lady Star of the Sea uses Restorative Practices Strategies including Circle Time, Affective Questioning, Restorative Circles and Conflict Resolution

The following programs and opportunities support the Student Well Being Policy of Our Lady Star of the Sea:

Program Achieve-You Can Do It                                 Buddy program - Prep and Year 6
Leadership Program for Year 6                                   Peer Support - Years 1,2, 3, 4 & 6                                              
Class Meetings - Prep to Year 6                                  Modelled Reading     
M-Power Girls Year 5                                                  Transition to Prep and Year 7
“All Revved Up” Mentoring Boys Programs Year 5




Download a copy of the Student Wellbeing Handbook here.